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Bull & Bear is a Global Macro Fund that navigates inevitable market volatility

Flagship Fund

Our Flagship fund provides investors an alpha generator with a fraction of the risk and low correlation to the traditional capital markets. 

Wealth Management

Bull & Bear Wealth Management helps you understand your risk tolerance and determine your asset allocation in order to construct a highly individualized portfolio to accomplish your financial goals.

Direct Investments

Our direct investment funds offer investors access to high growth, world renowned, companies before they are traded publicly.


About Bull & Bear 

Bull & Bear’s global macro investment strategy is designed to act as both an alpha generator and diversifier within a portfolio. The structure benefits from the flexibility to invest in a broad, unconstrained investment universe and attempts to generate alpha on both the long and the short sides of its portfolio in various markets. We pride ourselves on staying dynamic in our exposures to achieve consistent and predictable returns in any economic cycle.

Investors in the flagship fund have direct access to some of the most innovative and dominant private equity investments that investors would not otherwise have access to in the public markets. These investments offer great opportunity for very attractive risk-adjusted returns with low correlation to traditional markets. 

The portfolio is constructed in a manner that we are able to achieve attractive upside performance during favorable market conditions, but when risks appear to outweigh the reward, we raise cash or take other actions, such as quickly shifting to market neutral or short positions. The benefit of our structure is the ability to easily shift from one market to another with a variety of strategies to drastically cut the downside risks for investors and drive absolute returns that are comparable to the S&P 500. 

Wealth Preservation | Capital Appreciation








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