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Bull & Bear is a conservative alternative investment fund that was founded on the basis that there is inevitable market volatility. Our mission statement is: “Bull & Bear's mission is to be the most predictable part of your portfolio by producing attractive risk-adjusted returns, regardless of economic conditions.”


Bull & Bear’s passion for investing starts with understanding risk in order to drive an optimal risk/return ratio. A common problem in the investment industry is not understanding investment risks, which often leads to two major challenges for investors: longevity risk and sequencing risk. Longevity risk is the risk of living longer than your savings last, and sequencing risk is the risk of large losses occurring at a time that is hard to recover. These risks often lead to investors losing the capital they rely on for their future. We are set out to achieve our mission because having a predictable portfolio, one that preserves wealth and drives consistent, quality returns is the key to balancing major risks for investors.