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Our Approach

Bull & Bear is a diversified global macro fund which allocates to a range of investment vehicles and proprietary discretionary strategies. There are multiple trading strategies, which may include trend-based and other quantitative strategies as well as discretionary strategies, and is intended to enhance overall performance and reduce volatility.


The fund, through investment in these trading programs, seeks to exploit speculative trading opportunities in a broad range of stocks, bonds, distressed corporate debt, government debt, emerging market securities, currencies, commodities, commodity and financial futures, options, forwards, swaps and other derivative instruments. Trading positions taken can be both long and short. Commodity interests include cash commodities and futures, forward, option and swap contracts in agricultural products, metals, energy products, stock indices, currencies, and financial instruments. The fund capitalizes on the moderate to low correlations of the component strategies and offers the potential to provide strong risk-adjusted returns in a variety of market environments.

The team at Bull & Bear believes that by embracing our core values of trust, security, transparency, longevity, liquidity, and philanthropy, we are assisting our clients to reach their financial goals. 



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