Experienced Fund Manager, Peter Lucey, Launches New Risk Mitigation Fund, Bull & Bear

Experienced Risk Mitigation Fund Manager, Peter Lucey, and his team have begun inviting investors for the October 1 launch of their new Risk Mitigation Fund, Bull & Bear.

Peter Lucey is an experienced vet as a fund manager, and at just 30 years of age, Peter has already secured nearly a decade of fund management experience. After building his previous fund, Arsenal Advisors from the ground up, and a stint at Morgan Stanley, Peter is launching his new fund, Bull & Bear. As seen in the name, Bull & Bear is a Risk Mitigation Fund, which is uncorrelated to the overall economy, and seeks to drive a conservative return in both up and down markets.

The new fund is designed to offer investors risk/return characteristics that are different from traditional long-only equity or fixed income strategies. Bull & Bear provides diversification & uncorrelated returns irrespective of the market environment. The team believes that incorporating Bull & Bear’s risk mitigating strategies within a balanced portfolio may reduce overall exposure to market movements by focusing on idiosyncratic sources of return.

The fund’s objective is to preserve wealth, and achieve risk-adjusted returns from investing across a diversified range of liquid, repeatable, and uncorrelated strategies. To achieve the top priority of preserving clients wealth in any economic condition, the fund is targeting a net annualized return of 6-8%, with only of 3-4% max downside risk; which is compared to the average S&P500 downside risk of 15-17% (Dalibar Annual Report).

In addition to helping our clients, part of Bull & Bear’s mission is to use the fund as a vehicle for making a larger impact. The Bull & Bear Team is passionate about empowering others and making a difference in the community through philanthropic initiatives. For this reason, the fund has created a platform to partner with local and national charities focused around involvement, contribution and awareness.

The fund has no lock up periods, and is liquid at any time for investor redemption with a 30-day advance notice. Bull & Bear is in the midst of inviting initial investors for an October 1, 2018 launch date, and are accepting investment inquiries by email at investorrelations@bullandbearfund.com.

Bull & Bear is proud to be launching with the following charitable partners:



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