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Investment Principles

Bull & Bear’s global macro investment strategy is designed to act as both an alpha generator and diversifier within a portfolio. The structure benefits from the flexibility to invest in a broad, unconstrained investment universe and attempts to generate alpha on both the long and the short sides of its portfolio in various markets.


The portfolio is constructed in a manner that we are able to achieve attractive upside performance during favorable market conditions, but when risks appear to outweigh the reward we take actions to preserve capital. The benefit of our structure is the ability to easily shift from one market to another with a variety of strategies to drastically cut the downside risks for investors and drive absolute returns that are comparable to the S&P 500.

Protects portfolios from major downswings & recessions in the market

Downside Protection

Risk management protocols that are customized for our downside protection

Customized Risk Management

Both long and short positions allowing returns in any market, and ensuring no correlation to overall economy

Long & Short

Utilizes a diverse variety of investment vehicles to drive profitable returns


Not correlated to overall economy, or traditional markets such as stocks and bonds


Investors are able to sell out of the fund on a monthly basis, with no lock up period


The strategies are focused around stable performance, alleviating volatility from clients’ investment

Low Volatility 

As an independent fund, we pride ourselves on being nimble, flexible, and personal with our clients and their needs



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